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Hi there, where to start? Growing up in the 50s & 60s I was lucky to have a Dutch father, because we got to eat strange things like eel, mussels, Gouda cheese, yoghurt and Dutch liquorice, while the Aussie kids ate peas, carrots, beans, processed cheese (that looked and tasted like rubber) and chops and sausages. The arrival of more immigrants brought new and exciting foods such as  dim sims, souvlaki, cappuccino, curries, pasta, unusual vegetables and fruits, cheeses and meats, and I was right there exploring and tasting. We would drive for a hour just for a souvlaki! I learned to cook from The Women’s Weekly Cookbooks, Margaret Fulton and Charmaine Solomon.

My first vegetable garden was in a corner of my boyfriend’s backyard (I was 20), I dug, planted  and watered and watched my garden grow, until I looked over the fence and saw the lane way full of the same plants! Yes they were weeds! I had no knowledge of what plants looked like, but I was on my way to learning. So, 30+ years of gardens and cooking and I’m still learning and enjoying the experience. For 20 years (in my earth mother/hippy phase), I cooked on a wood stove with no real temperature control, no dish washer or fancy appliances (except for my kenwood chef which is still going). I used to say I only needed good knives and a chopping board! Mind you that kitchen produced a lot of food, loaves & loaves of bread, icecream, cakes, ginger beer & lots of meals to feed my family and half the neighbourhood! Those days are long gone and my modern kitchen is a joy to work in, I absolutely love it. How did I ever do without a food processor, induction cooker & oven that does what I tell it to do? I enjoy cooking now more than I ever have and I hope to share some of the joy with you.

I have a lot to learn about having a website and blog, about writing, taking photos and computers, a big learning experience, you’re most welcome to join me in my journey

Just arrived in Positano, very happy!

Just arrived in Positano, very happy!


  1. graham   •  

    cool,how about spag,bog

  2. EBFRodis-Jamero   •  

    I met you on Instagram and I thoroughly enjoyed your site.. You have exciting food prep and I love gardening myself.
    I’ve only been on Instagram for 2 1/2 weeks.. so I have to learn new things, new high technology equipments, applications and stuff.. It’s so overwhelming . I get brain freeze..!

    I am having two solo art shows happening on March 13 and April 10.. Someone will take care of the first show but I am doing the reception on the later. It is only 11/2 hrs. long so it’s mostly finger food.. Maybe I can handle this if it’s something that can be prepared ahead of time..

    Your suggestions is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much..

    all the best,

    • lemmiec@live.com.au   •     Author

      Hi Elizabeth, lovely to hear from you. By now your first show would be over, so how did it go and what food did you have? Have you decided on the food yet for your second show? Is it cold food or do you need to heat things up? Do you have someone to help you with the food as you’ll need to be socialising rather than catering I would imagine? How many guests do you think will come? Lots of questions eh? Best of luck to you and thanks for the interest in my Instagram (such fun), I have a facebook page too as well as the blog. Cheers Lemmie

  3. BroderickX   •  

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