Early winter gardening

It’s such a beautiful morning in the garden I just had to come in and write about it! Pasta man and I spent a few hours weeding the paths and beds yesterday morning and then it rained, so it looks tidy, fresh and vibrant today. The greens are growing well and we are picking spinach (yum!) and silverbeet, then there’s lettuce, rocket and lots of herbs (the lemon sorrel is great in salads and my new tarragon is gorgeous in everything!). We really need to plant some more beetroot and carrots but have to wait until it’s the right phase of the moon to plant root crops, the current crops aren’t growing that well as the bed they are in isn’t getting enough direct sun at this time of year, never mind we’ll eat them small, I’m sure I’ll find a use for them!

I started picking the oranges and have made some luscious salads with them (orange and fennel) and a batch of marmalade. The lemon and lime are packed with fruit too, I might just have to get my thinking cap on and experiment with them, maybe a lime pickle? I can always juice the limes and freeze the juice into blocks, it’s so handy having a store of lime juice to add to cooking and drinks (gin and tonic perhaps). When our  other young citrus trees (another lime, cumquat, mandarin, blood orange and pink grapefruit) start producing we’ll be inundated with these wonderful fruits (well that’s the plan).

Our first and only pomegranate is starting to ripen, the skin is all shiny and changing colour, I think it is ready to pick but I’m reluctant as it looks so nice on the bush and it’s the only one, oh well it will be exciting to open it up and see what colour the seeds are (one I bought had pink/white seeds instead of crimson). The early crop of purple cabbages are not long off picking, can’t wait for the first purple cabbage for a while, they are so nice sauteed or in salads; the brussells sprouts, broccoli, other cabbages and broad beans have quite a bit of growing to do yet. We’re still eating our potatoes, pumpkins and the chillies just keep going, we’re hoping to keep some chillies growing through the winter – well it’s worth a try! We have two rhubarb plants that are outstanding producers – enough for us and our friends and family – I can’t believe how easy they are to grow!

Anyway enough rambling on I must go out into the garden while the weather is so perfect!


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