The ever changing garden

Our garden is just about full so when I find a plant that I “have to have” finding a home for it can be challenging, luckily there are always plants that die, aren’t thriving or reach the end of their cycle, so we can usually find room for the new arrival. I can be ruthless when it comes to pruning or culling a plant, when space is limited you have to be.

I was disappointed when our curry leaf tree died last year and missed being able to pick the wonderfully fragrant leaves for cooking and so I bought a new curry leaf tree and had planted it and then a few days later I noticed some plants growing where the old curry leaf tree had been. To my amazement there were 7 new curry leaf trees growing all clumped together and looking strong and healthy. I thought they may be seedlings but when I dug them up they were growing from the old tree’s roots, amazing, I have popped them into some pots and hopefully we will have a few curry leaf trees to give away. The peas and spinach are up and I planted the first 3 rows of broad beans today. There are self sown coriander, rocket plants, lettuces and marigolds popping up all over the garden including the paths, I transplanted a few into the beds. We’ll have to plant the garlic and shallots before the shortest day and when the moon is right for planting root crops. I am still picking the last of the tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants and chillies, but I think by this weekend they will all be gone. This last summer and autumn we’ve had the best vegetable garden produce so far on this property, so many thanks to mother nature for providing such a bounty.

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