Food for health (the Paleo way)

It’s been ages since my last blog for two reasons – 1. my iPad won’t upload photos into my site (but I’ve found another way to load photos) and 2. because I’ve been going through a “moment” regarding my relationship with food. You can tell from my ramblings that I absolutely love anything to do with food (cooking, growing, sourcing & experimenting), it’s a very important part of who I am and so I wondered do I cook to live or live to cook? Am I doing the best I can to look after my health? Is my love of food turning into an addiction or obsession and impacting detrimentally upon my health (rising blood glucose and cholesterol levels & irritable bowel symptoms). I was slowly putting on weight, found it impossible to lose weight and was struggling with unexplained muscle pain. My sister-in-law put me onto a book – Wheat Belly by cardiologist Dr William Davis – this book blew my mind and so I experimented eating this way for a while; it was going well until I had an IBS attack that lasted for days, so I tried the FODMAP diet for allergies and then a combination of the wheat free and FODMAP but I was getting very confused and losing my way, so off I went to a naturopath for some advice. I hadn’t been to a naturopath for years and was delighted with Belinda’s caring approach. She really listened to me, asked me lots of questions and then suggested I follow the Paleo way of eating for a month (while still leaving out foods that obviously upset my stomach). So…more research… what is Paleo? – I read Primal Body Primal Mind – quite a heavy book to read – written by Nora Gedgauras and  began following Chef Pete Evans (Paleo Guru) while learning to adapt to life with no sugar, low carbohydrate, no diary (apart from yoghurt) and no legumes. I needed to source organic / chemical free produce, grass feed meat, wild seafood and nutrient dense foods like seeds, nuts and fermented foods like kimchi. I needed help with recipes and ideas, Belinda (my naturopath) put me onto some great websites (like Nom Nom Paleo) and foodstuffs like cashew nut cheese (YUM), yeast flakes, Spirulina and others I found myself – cocoa nibs and activated nuts from Totally Nuts (have to be the BEST nuts ever!).

We won’t have any trouble sourcing organic vegetables and fruit when our garden starts pumping but at the moment we’ve only got greens (spinach, silverbeet, assorted salad leaves, herbs and broad beans). I’d heard about a farm in Lovely Banks called Magic Meadows that sells organic produce 2 days a week at a reasonable price and for the last month we’ve been making the journey to purchase organic and spray free vegetables and fruit, the quality of the produce is really very good, especially the strawberries, carrots, cucumbers and beetroot. I bought some organic meat and chicken (from the organic shop in Geelong), it’s quite expensive, I wish we had access to the fabulous markets and produce they have in Melbourne. The farmer’s markets usually have organic meat suppliers and I purchased some Sage Organic beef sausages and lamb shanks at the Bellarine Farmers Market last Saturday (held monthly in Ocean Grove).

Main meals aren’t that difficult cooking the Paleo way but try to make desserts or bread substitutes, cakes and biscuits without flour, sugar or butter – very challenging indeed. My experimenting has paid off to a certain extent, I have yet to find a wheat free bread that really works but some of the sweet treats are absolutely delicious – date & nut balls, nut slice, strawberry bliss balls.

I am really enjoying learning more about health, food and nutrition and experimenting with new products. I’ve changed too, I no longer feel ravenous, don’t crave sweet things, no more snacking, I feel full and satisfied and the muscle pain I’ve had for years has gone! I am excited about cooking and enjoying my food even more than before!

I purchased Pete Evans Paleo inspired cookbook – Family Food – and am slowly making my way through the recipes while reading Femented by Jill Ciciarelli and Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. I am looking forward to learning about and making fermented goods – like yoghurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and vinegar and would love to have a go at making my own soap too (my friend Nellie gave me some of her home-made soap made with olive oil and caustic soda only, it was so lovely!) Anyway enough rambling for today……

Below are photos of Paleo style main meals we’ve been enjoying of late…








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