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It’s a lovely day for gardening and pasta man and I got out early to beat the heat. The garden is looking a little untidy at the moment with some of the plants nearing the end of their season and looking a bit the worse for wear. It’s hard to pull out the seeding lettuces or tomatoes with a few fruits left on but we needed to make some space to plant out a few seedlings. Today we planted brussel sprouts (haven’t grown them for years), small purple cabbages, red onions, parsley, coriander, lemon thyme and still have a finger lime to plant (not sure where this is going yet). Have you tried finger limes? The fruit is about the size of a thumb (guess that’s why it’s called finger lime) and it’s native to Australia. Inside the tough skin are little balls (like caviar) that explode in your mouth with a zingy lime flavour. They are really special and I just had to buy one for our garden, the problems however are that it is from the tropics and it has spikes /thorns on it. Never mind the negatives I still had to have one, the thought of being able to go out to the garden and pick one of these delightful fruits was just too strong to resist. We also spread around some worm juice and castings and gave the garden a much needed drink (the rain water tank was half full). Wish it would rain and give the garden a freshen up and fill up the tank, it’s been ages since we had a decent rain. The garden has been producing enough vegetables/fruit to make preserves, freeze, for give aways and to eat. I am particularly fond of the long eggplants and capsicums (haven’t grown these before) and we’ll definitely be growing them next year. I saw some seeds for bright red bell shaped eggplants at Van Loons nursery, they looked amazing, I might have to try them next year too. I’ve made sweet chilli tomato relish, tomato and eggplant chutney and kasoundi this weekend and still have enough tomatoes to make something else – maybe some pasta sauce. I want to say a big thank you to Tim Cover for helping me out with my website, he has got my comments section working again and at last I have a recipe & guest spot index so you can look up recipes easily (GOTITCOVERD.COM.AU). Thanks again Tim… I must go and check up on my tomato and eggplant chutney bubbling away on the stove until next time….


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