Landscaping and building the new garden

Pasta man is a builder and jack of all trades and so is perfectly suited to all manner of projects around the home and garden (lucky me). His latest project is a garage / office and as part of this project a large amount of soil needed to be excavated and was used to form a new terraced garden. The new garden was in the most barren part of the property, it’s exciting to develop a new space out of nothing. We never seem to have enough vegetable garden space so while we consider the long term plans for the garden we’ll use it for growing crops that need lots of room (this summer we have grown potatoes, pumpkins and zucchini up there with a great deal of success for such a young garden). In the middle of the area we have planted a weeping mulberry, it’s a feature plant that also produces fruit, there’s an espalier of citrus on the western side and an olive, finger lime and apricot on the eastern side of the garden. The northern edge is made up of a hedge of shrubs including 2 pomegranates, so it is already quite a busy area. Pasta man has just completed the steps up to this new garden and as soon as the zucchinis are finished we are going to plant the winter crops of shallots, garlic, peas and broad beans up there. Until next time…..


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