Road trip to Gellibrand and Torquay

Today pasta man and I went for a mini road trip to the Gellibrand market and then on to Cafe Moby at Torquay for lunch (where no 2 son is a pizza chef). Our friends (Judy and Andrew) have an olive oil & related products stall at the market and we had a lovely time catching up with them & strolling around the funky little market. I ended up buying some candied nuts, the brightest pumpkin you have ever seen, some mixed berry jam (to go with the scones I am going to make) and a potato on a stick “curlee” thing. It was a perfect day for drive but I wish the land was a little greener (they haven’t had any rain for over 2 months). We had to have a pizza (wood fired oven) at Moby’s, it was hard to decide which pizza to have but we settled on the mushroom pizza and really enjoyed it.