Monkfish with salad

We’ve had monkfish for dinner twice this week; it is just so delicious and easy to prepare. I used two layers of foil large enough to completely seal the fish, then placed lots of lime, lemon and basil leaves followed by the fish. I sprinkled some spice mix (I used saharan spice mix from Wildings Kitchen Essentials), salt / pepper and olive oil over the fish before covering it all with more lime leaves and wrapping it all up tightly. Pasta man cooked it in the webber for 10 – 15 minutes and we had it with a roast vegetable & garden salad. Apart from being totally lovely to eat it is nutritious, low fat and costs about $10 to make. Of course you can cook any sort of fish like this, the added bonus being no fishy smell in the kitchen and no dirty pan to wash.