Paleo challenge – crackers (dry biscuits)

I’m learning about this new way of living (Paleo) by researching and trying new products and recipes so I thought I would write about my travels down this gastronomic road and share some of the pitfalls and best recipes that I find. I tried to make my own recipes but that was way too difficult so I’m content to play with other cook’s recipes and add a little of myself as I go! These ingredients are just so different, some are an acquired taste and my perception of how food should look, smell and taste is evolving. I’m not going to give you recipes because they are not mine but I will tell you where to source them. I’m loving the energy this lifestyle is creating and so for today’s topic – crackers….

Who doesn’t like the odd dry biscuit or cracker with dips/cheese or whatever, but try to buy some without wheat /sugar or chemicals! I found some delicious organic / wheat free crackers in the health food shops but they are so very expensive so I thought I’d try making them. My first batch of crackers came from a recipe I found on a website – – the author is Terri Gruss – a gluten free cooking expert. The parmesan crackers used ground almonds and flax meal as the base, it was bound together by egg white. It was a very easy recipe to make and only took 15 minutes to cook. My naturopath Belinda suggested using yeast flakes to replace the parmesan cheese and either way they turned out delicious.

My next recipe attempt came out of Pete Evans cookbook – Family Food – the recipe for seed crackers is on page 204. I made the basic recipe and added some fennel seeds and smoky paprika. This recipe is a lot more complicated than the parmesan crackers above but well worth the effort, first you have to soak the seeds o’night before blending them a bit and baking them in a very low oven for 6 hours. The recipe makes 2 large trays of crackers and they keep really well, we’re still eating the ones I made 2 weeks ago. I like these crackers a lot, they are very much like the expensive ones from the organic shop but at a fraction of the cost, and I actually enjoy making them!

My second batch of seed crackers from “Family Food” was a bit more exotic, this time I added spirulina and dulse flakes for the seaweed style cracker. Apart from the amazing colour of the biscuits I like the idea of adding these super foods to our diet, I used golden flax (dark brown ones in the last batch) and black sesame seeds too, this mixture turned out thicker and wetter than the previous mixure, not sure if it was the golden flaxseeds or the addition of the spirulina and dulse flakes, but it took longer to cook and I even returned the biscuits to the oven after I cut them up (so they would crisp up). That’s cooking though I can follow the same recipe and each time it still turns out a little (or a lot) different, sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. I’ve got the next few blogs stirring in my head so watch out for a review of the meat loaf and my adventures into making yoghurt, kimchi, kefir and pastry without flour.

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