Exploring the Amalfi coast

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Pasta man and I spent a wonderful 8 days exploring Italy’s Amalfi coast at the end of our european holiday late last year. After the hustle and bustle of London, Amsterdam and Paris it was such a relief to be in a tiny coastal town with amazing views, history/culture and food. It was the end of the tourist season and the weather was just perfect – an Indian summer they called it – we explored Positano by foot (either up hill or down hill) and caught a bus or ferry to the other towns along the 40km coast. We did two incredible walks from villages way up in the clouds (Ravello and Nocelle) back down to the coast walking along ancient paths through olive and lemon groves, past vegetable gardens and houses seemingly hanging from the cliffs. The walks were challenging (hours of steps) but also one of the highlights of the trip. We visited Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, which is renowned for its gardens, art and views – there were photo opportunities everywhere we looked. We had some wonderful meals- antipasto, pasta, fish, salads, pizza and the best fresh mozzarella cheese ever (local). That cheese changed my opinion of mozzarella cheese- it was delightfully light, juicy and the perfect match for pasta, salads or antipasto – I have to find a supplier of it here! Our apartment at the Flavio Goia had a fully equipped kitchen and by this stage we were a little over eating out every night, so we cooked simple pasta dishes (with eggplant, pancetta, tomatoes, mozzarella and herbs) made some luscious salads and ate our meal on the balcony overlooking the mediterranean. We made a habit of wandering down to the gelato bar each evening to sample the goods (not overly sweet and very refreshing), I especially liked hazelnut and pistachio flavours and shared on the beach as the sun went down was a lovely treat to end the day. The Amalfi coast was a perfect end to our european holiday. Pasta man and I share an affinity with the food of Italy more than anywhere else because of the use of fresh local produce and simplicity of the meals that reminded us of home.