What’s happening in the garden?

Another week  has passed and at last we have a cool damp day and how lovely it is! The garden is surviving the heat and wind remarkably well compared to other gardens I have seen over the last few weeks. The high fence and density of the plants in the garden must help (as well as water of course) because we certainly cop some pretty fierce winds at times. The tomatoes are finally started to ripen- we had our first “big” pick today, the bought tomato plants are doing OK (but no-where near as good as other years), the self sown tomatoes are thriving.  We had to buy some heavy duty netting to stop the birds eating the tomatoes, they were even eating the green ones which is just not acceptable! The beans have been terrible this year, picked just a few handfuls – it’s amazing how different each growing season can be. I am enjoying the long thin eggplants this year more than the traditional large egg shape ones usually grown. The zucchinis just keep coming, I would like to know how many kilos we have picked, I made ANOTHER zucchini slice, ratatouille, grilled zucchini and have grated and then frozen some too (never done this before but I have been assured it works). The pumpkins are going nuts, not only are they rambling all through the garden they are climbing over the fences too. I do love pumpkin, it’s weird to think that in some countries pumpkin is not considered fit for human consumption. There have been some miracles in the garden this week – a self sown plant growing in the corner of the rose bed turns out to be a pomegranate. I have come so close to pulling it out many times but something stopped me – I have two bought pomegranates that cost $70 and this self sown one just pops up and in a good position; it can stay where it is I’d rather move a rose if I have to. The other miracle is the first cycad I bought that just didn’t do well, I’d moved it 3 times trying to revive it and had totally given up on it when bingo life appeared and now it’s got new fronds and looks happy.

Note the peppercorn tree pictured – this tree represents the heart of the property, we are very lucky to have such an established tree that gives our house lovely shade from the west, it’s like a gigantic living umbrella. Also pictured is our new espalier of citrus trees (lime, cumquat & pink grapefruit), the frame is attached to the garage over a walkway, we were inspired by the citrus growing over supports in Italy, it will look lovely when it fills in the wire and grows over the top to form a canopy, well that’s the plan!



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